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Although registration isn’t required to use your Crio printer, registering your printer activates your 2-year onsite CrioCare warranty and allows you access to all the features and benefits of mycrio.com. Exclusive site tools include all of the following and more! 

CrioCare Warranty

Registering your printer will give you peace-of-mind with our 2-year onsite warranty as well as access to tech specialist to troubleshoot issues.

Training Class

Crio Academy

Get access to resources that will help you be successful such as training courses, how-to videos, webinars, and marketing kits.

Community Access

Get insights and tips from industry experts and the Crio community from printer to process including paper, RIP software and more.

Profit Guide

Exclusive Content

Crio's focus is customer first success. This commitment drives us to find new ways to help you profit from your printer with step-by-step coverage.

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