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    If we bought our crio through Heat Press Nation, are they our dealer too? I see that a vast majority of the questions are not answered here, but rather are deferred back to asking our dealer. I assumed this crio support site would give specific answers to the questions we have when printing on our crio, but I’m not seeing that happening.




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    Crio Support
    Hi Alaina,

    Yes, the company you purchased your Crio from is your dealer.

    Often we refer to your dealer because the dealer tends to be the first touchpoint by a user when needing support.  Many of our dealers sell bundles with specific papers. Each dealer has preferred papers, methods, etc. that they are better suited to support.

    However, Crio can always help with the printer, application, or RIP software questions, as well as, any other issue you may have. If there is any specific question you are looking for an answer to, let us know and we are happy to answer or create a how-to video for you to aid in the process.

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