Using the Crio LPR Utility.

With the Crio LPR Utility, you can set to maintain the connection with the original printer even if its IP address is changed.

If the printer is set to acquire its IP address automatically, the computer will no longer connect to it if the IP address changes when the power is turned on. Configuring this setting in such cases allows the automatically changed IP address to be discovered and set again.

When you are unable to print after turning on the power or after a power outage, the IP address may have been changed as noted above.

The following shows how to configure the setting for automatic rediscovery of a changed IP address.

Start the Crio LPR Utility.
Select [Setup…] from the [Option] menu, and check [Auto Reconnect].



You need administrator privileges to make changes in the [Option.]

If the [Option] menu cannot be opened in Windows 8/Windows Server 2012/Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008/Windows Server 2008 R2, exit the Crio LPR Utility, and run it with administrator rights.After that, click [Start] – [All Programs] – [Crio], then right-click [OKI LPR Utility] (with Windows 8/Windows Server 2012, click [Start] then right-click [Crio LPR Utility]), select [Run as administrator], and then restart.