How do I add a device to Crio LPR Utility?

This is the procedure to start the Crio LPR Utility and add a printer. The operations in the procedure are for when adding a Crio with the PCL printer driver in Windows 7. Use this as reference with other OSes and printer models.

Print the menu map for the printer to confirm the IP address and MAC address.

How to add a printer:

    1. Start Crio LPR Utility.   Note: If the Crio LPR Utility is already running, close it and start it again.

      (1) Select [Start] – [All Programs] – [Crio] – [Crio LPR Utility] folder.

      (2) In the [Crio LPR Utility] folder, right-click [Crio LPR Utility].

      (3) Select [Run as administrator] from the menu displayed to start.


  1. When the Crio LPR Utility appears, select [Remote Print] – [Add Printer…] from the menu bar.

    The [Add Printer] appears. From the [Printer Name:] pull-down menu, select the PCL printer driver for the device you want to add.0004-3

  2. When your printer appears in the [Printer Name:] field, enter in the [IP Address:] field the device’s IP address that you confirmed in Preparations, and then click the [OK] button.The figure below shows an example of when [] is entered.


    An error will result if the IP address is wrong or the device’s power is not on. Note that if the IP address is wrong, you will not be able to print even if the printer could be added.

    ・Selecting [No] will return you to the IP address entry screen.
    ・Selecting [Yes] will add the printer with the IP address that was entered.
  3. Click the [OK] button to close.The printer is now added to the Crio LPR Utility.



The following is the procedure for discovering by printer name instead of IP address in step 3.

  1. When your printer appears in [Printer Name:], click the [Discover…] button.


    Printers in the discovery range appear on the [Discovery] screen. Select the your printer where [IP Address:] and [MAC Address] displayed are the same as the IP address and MAC address of the device to add (confirmed in Preparations), and then click the [OK] button.


    When you are returned to the [Add Printer…] screen, reconfirm that the IP address is correct, and then click the [OK] button to add the printer.

  2. Click the [OK] button to close. The printer is now added to the Crio LPR Utility.


For your reference:
You can set in the Crio LPR Utility to maintain the connection with the original printer even if the IP address is changed.