“Change Fuser Unit” / “Install New Fuser Unit” is displayed. (Error: 354)

Lifespan of the fuser unit has reached Press the [HELP] button, and solve according to the guidance shown on the Help screen.


  1. Prepare new fuser unit by removing packaging.
  2. Lift opener (1) of the exit unit, and pull out the exit unit.

  3. Pull up the fuser unit’s lock lever (blue).
  4. Hold the fuser unit’s handle with both hands and remove it.

  5. Hold the new fuser unit handle with both hands, and set it to the exit unit.
  6. Push down the fuser unit’s lock lever (blue).

  7. Put the exit unit back into the printer.


Please support recycling of the used fuser units.  When disposing of the used fuser unit in unavoidable circumstances, put it in a plastic bag, and ensure to dispose according to the  instructions provided by your local municipality.