“Change Belt Unit” / “Install New Belt Unit” is displayed. (Error: 355 )

Lifespan of the belt unit and the transfer roller unit has been reached. Press the [HELP] button, and solve according to the guidance shown on the Help screen.

Replacing the Belt Unit

  1. Prepare a new belt unit. New transfer roller unit is supplied with the new belt unit in the same package.

  2. Open the front cover.

  3. Remove the waste toner box.

  4. Push the center level (blue) to the right.

  5. Rotate the belt unit lock lever knobs (blue) to the left and push the lock levers towards yourself.

  6. Hold the handle and pull out the belt unit, hold the left-right label part (blue) and remove the belt unit. 

    Note: Removing the belt unit will expose all image drums to light. For preventing the optical deterioration of image drums, do not leave them as it is for more than 5 minutes after removing the belt unit. When leaving for more than 5 minutes, close the front cover, or remove all image drums and store them in a safe place where they are not directly exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light.

  7. Take out the new belt unit. 

    Note: Never place the removed belt unit in a vertical direction. Ensure that waste toner does not spill when removing the belt unit.

  8. Unpack the new belt unit from its packaging.

  9. Align the new belt unit and arrow label (red) of the printer, set it in the printer, and firmly press it inside.

  10. Raise the belt unit left/right lock lever, rotate the lock lever knob (blue) to the right and lock it.

  11. Return the center lever (blue) to the left.

  12. Set the waste toner box on the printer.

  13. Close the front cover.

Replacing the Transfer Roller Unit

  1. Lift opener (1) of the exit unit and pull out the exit unit.

  2. Pull up both tips of the transfer roller unit’s lock lever (blue).

  3. Hold the transfer roller unit’s label part (blue) and remove it.

  4. Remove transfer roller unit.

  5. Set the new transfer roller unit into the exit unit.

    Note: Do not touch the sponge of the transfer roller unit.

  6. Push both sides of the lock lever (blue) down.

  7. Put the exit unit back into the printer.

    Note: Please support recycling of the used belt unit and transfer roller unit. When disposing of the used belt unit and transfer roller unit in unavoidable circumstances, put them in a plastic bag, and ensure to dispose according to the instructions provided by your local municipality.