What’s Your Hustle?       

Hustle smarter. Crio printers are profitable and beneficial to a variety of industries and types of businesses. While many people see white toner and simply think “t-shirts,” there’s so much more you can do with Crio white toner printers from decorating polyester, cotton, and mixed-blend garments to wood, plaques, mugs, flat hard surfaces or even value-added applications such as brochures, business cards, invitations, menus and more.

Screen Printers

Screen printers often turn away small orders and one-off custom pieces or complicated designs with many colors. Crio white toner printers allow screen printers to accept small and complicated orders and experience great profit margins. How much money is your company losing by turning down small orders?


If you’re embroidery shop looking to expand your product and service offerings, look no further than Crio white toner printers. Crio white toner printers allow you to offer custom printed apparel and hard surface goods to your existing embroidery clients, adding value to your business and for your client.

Creative Agencies

Have you just helped a client with their branding and marketing? Put that logo you created on a variety of apparel and offer it as an added service to your client. Spend less money and time creating prototypes for packaging and other marketing assets but bringing the production in-house.

Crafters & Makers

Do you sell your crafts on an online marketplace like Etsy? Differentiate yourself in your offerings to stand out from other sellers. With Crio white toner you can offer your customers unique products. Transfer your designs to create custom items, such as, any color garment, hats, raw wood signs, metal, acrylic, and much more in the blink of an eye. 

Print & Sign Shops

As a print or sign shop, you have a wide variety of clients who already use your company for printed goods such as brochures, business cards, yard signs, and more. But what if you could offer them more such as custom t-shirts and garments or promotional items for their business? With Crio white toner you can grow your business (and profits) with your existing customers and new services.

Model Building

Whether you build model trains, cars, replicas, or scaled architectural models, a Crio white toner printer can make applying detailed graphics to models a breeze. Using water activated transfer paper, you can apply graphics to any shape, size, or detail of your model quickly with ease and in full-color!

Retail Stores & Boutiques

Print on demand for custom garments and goods is becoming extremely popular with customers. The idea that they can walk into a store or boutique and within 10 or so minutes, walk out with a custom piece of clothing or other good excites people. Being able to offer print on demand services will bring new sources of revenue to your shop or boutique.

Fashion Designers

For fashion designers, Crio white toner transfer allows you to bring your designs to life with full color graphics that can be transferred to a variety of fabrics including denim, canvas, cotton, polyester, blends and more. Unleash your creativity by bringing a Crio white toner printer into your design studio.