septiembre 1, 2023

Rasterizing in Photoshop for White Toner Printing

In this video we will walk you through the process of rasterizing an image in Photoshop to print with a white toner printer.

Rasterizing in Photoshop for White Toner Printing


Jodi Powell

Very good video! So my understanding is that PNG files are only RGB, so converting to CMYK and saving as a PNG will convert it back to RGB. To keep CMYK you would need to save as a JPG (no transparency) or TIFF (supports transparency). There are multiple CMYK profiles, I do not see which CMYK profile the Crio printers use. I have had some mixed results with color matching, but found PNG (RGB) is generally the most accurate. So a bit confusing other than the rip software my do a good job converting this format. I would love a bit of clarification on this, I am still new to the white toner world, thanks!

Renata Martinez

I'm glad to hear you found the video informative! Let's clarify some of the points you raised regarding image file formats and color profiles. You're correct that PNG files are typically used for RGB images, which are suitable for displaying graphics on screens. PNG does not support CMYK. If you need an image to be in CMYK format you need to save it in a compatible format, such as TIFF, JPEG, or PSD. To preserve CMYK color information, you can use TIFF or JPEG. For color matching, PNG's and JPEG'S will give you the best results when you print on Crio White toner printers. You need to be careful with your pressure and temperature settings when transferring the print to the garment because that may affect the vibrancy of your colors. Always double check the transfer paper settings and see what works best for you.

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