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How Much Can You Profit Selling Tattoos

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How Much Can You Profit Selling Tattoos

Did you know you can fit more than 30 images on an A4 tattoo transfer sheet and make around $15?

Temporary tattoos are one of the most profitable white toner applications. Their fast production time allows businesses to make easy money on quick market trends and seasonal demands. As the demand for custom temporary tattoos continues to grow, there are always going to be business opportunities for you.

How to price temporary tattoos?

Pricing temporary tattoos involves various factors to ensure profitability while remaining competitive in the market.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to determine the pricing for temporary tattoos:

1. Cost Calculation

  • Calculate the consumables cost such as tattoo transfer paper, toner, packaging, and any additional components. A box of 10 tattoo transfer sheets with adhesive usually runs anywhere between $35-$40 which gives you a cost of $3.5-$4.00 per tattoo transfer sheet. The total consumables cost per transfer sheet is around $4.35 (tattoo paper a+b sheets and toner). To reduce the cost per tattoo you can gang your images up and fit anywhere between 20-40 images in one sheet (1”x1” size).
  • Additionally, you should consider the time and labor required for designing, printing, and packaging as well as shipping and any other costs associated with production.

2. Competitor Analysis:

  • Research competitors in the temporary tattoo market to understand their pricing strategies.
  • Analyze the quality, size, and design of their tattoos compared to yours.

3. Target Market:

  • Identify your target market and adjust your pricing strategy based on the perceived value of your product.
    • How much customers are willing to pay?
    • What benefits do you provide to your customers?
    • Do you design unique and high-quality designs? Or offer special packages?

4. Profit Margin:

  • Determine the profit margin you want to achieve. This is the percentage of the selling price that becomes profit after covering costs. Ensure that your profit margin is reasonable and competitive.
  • Consider the volume of temporary tattoos you plan to produce per week or per month. Larger production runs may help you reduce per-unit costs.
  • If you sell through retailers or online platforms like etsy account for the margin they will take. If you sell directly to consumers, set a retail price that covers both your costs and desired profit.

5. Review and Adjust:

Regularly review your pricing strategy based on market changes and customers’ feedback and make some adjustments if necessary. Price them according to the size and quantity.

*Consumables cost calculated using A4 size FOREVER tattoo transfer paper. Labor, shipping, and other operating expenses are not included in the calculations. 

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