junio 7, 2024

How Much Can You Profit Selling Custom Wooden Signs

Profit Guide

How Much Can You Profit Selling Custom Wooden Signs?

Did you know that you could make up to $15 per print selling unique and custom wooden signs? 

Creating the Signs

  • Wooden Signs (9 x 6 x 0.25): Purchase Here 
  • $1.67 each for (6 for $9.99) 
  • How to Print on Wood 
  • RST 9.1 Paper TheMagicTouch: Purchase Here 
  • Pre-Press Wood 300F / 10 seconds / med pressure 
  • Right Press Settings: 300F / 1 Min / med pressure / TheMagicTouch Wow Pad 
  • Take the wood sign off the platen, spray water on the transfer and peel it off. 

1. Cost Calculation

To calculate the direct cost, consider the materials, the printing paper and toner. Online, you can buy a 6-pack of (6inx9in) wooden plaques for $9.99. The cost of RST 9.1 Paper by TheMagicTouch (8.5×11 sheet) is $1.31 per sheet, and a full page of (8.5×11) toner shouldn’t cost more than $0.20. In total, it should cost you about $3.16 to make one custom plaque.  

Additionally, you should consider the time and labor required for designing, printing, and packaging as well as shipping and any other costs associated with production. 

Cost per Wooden Plaque (Total Cost/Number of Plaques) 

$9.99/6 = $1.65 

Cost Per Sheet of Film (Paper + Toner) 

$1.31 + $0.20 =$1.51 

Cost To Make Custom Plaque 

$1.65 + $1.51 = $3.16 


$20.00 – $3.16 = $16.84 

*Consumables cost calculated using RST 9.1 paper by TheMagicTouch (8.5×11) paper. Labor, shipping, and other operating expenses are not included in the calculations. 

2. Competitor Analysis:

Identify competitors in your area offering custom signage. Analyze the quality, size, and design of their signs compared to what you plan on offering to come up with a realistic and competitive pricing model. Look for gaps in their offerings to help you position your product in a more suitable market. 

3. Target Market:

Identify your target market and adjust your pricing strategy based on the perceived value of your product.

  • How much customers are willing to pay?
  • What benefits do you provide to your customers?
  • Do you design unique and high-quality designs? Or offer special packages?

4. Profit Margin:

The key to turning your wood sign creations into a profitable business lies in setting the right price. Here’s what you need to consider: First, determine your ideal profit margin, to cover all your expenses for each sign. To maximize this profit, explore buying wood blanks and transfer paper in bulk to benefit from volume discounts. Finally, think about your sales channel. If you plan to sell through online marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon, remember to factor in their commission fees. If you choose to sell directly to customers, set a retail price that covers the cost of materials, the time you invest in creating the sign, and still leaves you with your desired profit margin. This way, you’ll ensure your beautiful wood signs are a success, both creatively and financially.  

5. Review and Adjust:

Regularly review your pricing strategy based on market changes and customers’ feedback and make some adjustments if necessary. Price them according to the size and quantity.

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