junio 7, 2024

How Much Can You Profit Selling Custom Wooden Signs

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How Much Can You Profit Selling Customer Wooden Signs?

Printing on wood was probably not your first thought when getting a white toner printer. Wooden signs are great for people looking to personalize their home decorations, make a gift for a special occasion or make business signage to hang out in front of their store. Custom wooden signs are a very profitable and quick way to get business, and with Crio they are surprisingly simple. The real beauty of this business is the customizability that comes with your Crio printer. The signage market has seen steady growth for retail usage and is expected to have a 6.6% compound annual growth rate in the next decade. (Future Market Insights, 2024) This is a great way to grow your business and reach new customers  

Identify Potential Customers

Researching the signage market is one of the most essential steps to setting up your own business. Like we mentioned before, try looking for shops, boutiques and event specialists that might have a need for custom signage. You can also try marketing yourself at local craft fairs or festivals. You can identify your potential customers by attending these kinds of events and boutiques to see first-hand.

Reaching out to other businesses about wholesale partnering is another great idea to gain traction. Partnering with other small businesses is a great way to get exposure. You may look to local event planners or print shops to help them print signs for weddings or festivals. If you want to learn more about wholesale partnering, check out our article on how to get started, here 

Find Your Niche

What is your competitive advantage? Identify your business’s unique selling proposition, this could be higher quality of design, faster production time, special packages, or unique customization options. The Crio will help you stand out because of its quick production time and creative freedom. This is a great way to advertise yourself against other competitors. 

Find Your Value

Once you identify your target market, adjust your pricing strategy based on the perceived value of your product. Figure out what the perceived value is for a custom sign like yours. Researching the market is essential to understanding the consumers’ point of view.  

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