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Creating and Selling Custom Temporary Tattoos

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Creating and Selling

Custom Temporary Tattoos

Do you remember the peel-and-stick temporary tattoos that you used to plaster yourselves with when you were kids? Now, imagine taking that childhood memory to create and sell custom temporary tattoos with your Crio white toner printer.

Whether you’re an aspiring tattoo artist, a small business owner, or someone with a knack for design, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we explore the most profitable ways to make money from selling custom temporary tattoos and carve out a niche in this booming market.

Temporary Tattoos Quick Market Research

Once you have chosen your niche, it’s important to research the market and competition. Look at other businesses that are selling temporary tattoos to analyze their product offerings, pricing structures, and branding strategies. This will help you identify gaps in the market and opportunities to differentiate yourself in a competitive market. You can also use this information to formulate an effective pricing strategy that aligns with your business goals and identify optimal marketing channels to reach your target audience.

Temporary Tattoo Market Volume

The global Temporary Tattoo market was valued at 987.82 million USD in 2021. It is anticipated to experience a steady growth rate of 9.26% during the forecast period, reaching an estimated 1680.16 million USD by 2027.

The next step is to gather more information about potential competitors. You can use different tools to find out how much traffic they attract, which channels they use to sell their products, and how much they spend on online advertising. You can use SEMRUSH to find out how much traffic your competitors get, keyword data (CPC), and how much they spend on Google ads. You can also use Facebook Ads Library to check the ad campaigns they are running on Facebook and Instagram.

After identifying your potential competitors and popular design patterns, choose your target audience and their characteristics. Are you selling temporary tattoos catering to all ages and genders, or are they targeted specifically towards adults, kids, or groups such as sports teams, cheerleaders, corporations, or marketers?

The best way to conduct market research is to monitor the competition and talk to potential customers. Ask your target audience which designs they prefer and if they perceive any gaps in the current market. Check what are the top results for temporary tattoos on Amazon, Etsy, or social media like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram.

Where and How to Sell Temporary Tattoos

With so many events, celebrations, holidays, and a growing interest in custom products there’s never been a better time to sell temporary tattoos. Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing product offerings or start a new venture, the allure of temporary tattoos spans across diverse demographics and occasions. From holidays and festivals to customized designs for special events, the potential is limitless.

1. Special Events

  • Selling temporary tattoos for special events creates memorable and personalized experiences for attendees.
  • You can make tattoos for fundraising events, festivals, batch parties, golf tournaments, and more.

2. Holidays

  • Make seasonal temporary tattoo collections for holidays like Halloween, San Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • Partner with small or local businesses to sell personalized holiday-themed tattoos and expand your clientele.

3. Children's Parties

  • In 2019, temporary tattoos for children constituted over 61% of the market share. Given that the average American parent spends approximately $400 per child on birthday parties, this presents a lucrative market worth exploring.
  • How much can you put in a kids’ party goodie bag? What about fun and colorful temporary tattoos with popular characters, animals, or playful themes?
  • Provide temporary tattoo stations at children’s parties for an interactive and entertaining experience.

4. Sporting Events, Sports Teams, and Fans

  • Make temporary tattoos featuring team logos, mascots, or sports-related symbols.
  • Offer custom designs for specific sports events, such as runs, sports clubs, school competitions or for fans who like to go watch the games.

5. Dance Teams and Cheerleaders:

  • Create personalized temporary tattoos showcasing the team’s logos, colors, or mascots to foster unity and team pride.
  • Offer spirit packs or bulk orders for the entire team, providing cost-effective solutions for group purchases.

6. Corporate Events

  • Whether it’s an office party, trade show or a conference, custom temporary tattoos are a fun and unique way for companies to promote themselves.
  • Unlike conventional promotional items like mugs, keychains, and notebooks which typically end up collecting dust on desks or in drawers, temporary tattoos are an exciting and engaging way to promote brands.


Not only can you apply temporary tattoos to your skin, but you can apply them to wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, and more! Also, the best thing is that you don’t need any heat to apply them, which makes the process easier and faster.


Selling custom temporary tattoos is a fun and profitable business idea with ample opportunities for growth and high market demand. From birthday parties to corporate events, there are countless venues to showcase and sell temporary tattoos. The versatility of this business idea extends to a variety of demographics, making it accessible to individuals of all ages and interests. Adding temporary tattoos to your product offerings can unlock a world of possibilities and profitability.

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